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Find church bell products for sale. We also do bell repairs.


Below are links to pages about representative church bell renovation projects:

Whether cast of bronze or iron alloys, every bell is a treasure worth keeping. From a complete rebuild using modern materials to a historical restoration with custom cast iron hardware, our restoration team can make an old bell new again.


Cast Bells

There may be no instrument more durable than a bell. A bell will ring out for centuries, providing a tireless voice to remind everyone of your presence. From one bell to a grand carillon, our network of world renowned bell foundries, architects, and engineers gives us the ability to work with you to design and build an instrument for the ages.

We have extensive experience renovating and expanding chimes and carillons of all sizes and seamlessly integrating new bells into existing instruments.


Libertas Bell Control

  • Take full automatic control of one or more bells with a Libertas Controller,
    a great solution for installations of any size.
  • Extensive library of music for chime and carillon instruments
  • Ringing for times of worship, prayer, celebration and mourning
  • Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox traditions are supported
  • Selection of time strike chime melodies for any set of bells
  • Auto daylight time adjustments
  • Accurate clock with network sync
  • Simulation of swinging effects for stationary bells
  • Easy weekly scheduler
  • Additional Libertas Bell Control Features Enables remote control mobile app
  • Graphical review and setting of clock striking schedule
  • Administration of Remote app user authorizations
  • Annual and special event scheduling
  • Setup and backup of all settings
  • Multiple weekly schedule management for automatic changes



A Sonant Bell Hammer is a premium electric bell striker that combines high quality stainless steel hardware and custom brass bushings to provide a reliable and low maintenance solution for any project.

  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Stainless hardware and bronze oilite bearings
  • Hot-dipped galvanizing and painted finish
  • Optional all stainless-steel construction


Rotary Chain Drive

Nothing makes a more joyful sound than a peal of swinging bells. We offer the broadest line of components available for swinging your bells exactly the way you want.

  • Intelligent swinging motor control electronics
  • Heavy-duty nickle plated chain
  • Dual Motors available to swing bells up to 16-tons


Mag Force™ Drive

The IntelliSwing Mag-Force Drive is a swinging bell motor that uses magnetic forces to swing a bell quietly without moving parts or significant maintenance.

  • Touch-less, friction-less and nearly silent running
  • Needs no wheel like rotary drives.
  • Maintenance free design never needs bearings or lubrication


Intelli-Swing™ Key Features

  • Three year Chime Care™ warranty
  • Consistent bell ringing
  • Customized systems for your unique bells
  • All solid state current switching and rotation sensing


Download Chime Master PDFs:

Chime-Master-Bells.pdf Chime-Master-Carillons.pdf
Chime-Master-Bells.pdf Chime-Master-Carillons.pdf


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