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With Chime Master Systems the ancient tradition of church bells calling the faithful to worship is now available to nearly any church through the wonders of modern technology.


Download Chime Master PDFs:

Chime-Master-Bells.pdf Chime-Master-Carillons.pdf
Chime-Master-Bells.pdf Chime-Master-Carillons.pdf


Chime Master Carillons include the following features at no extra cost:

  • Over 600 Musical Selections
  • Automatic Selection of Seasonal Hymns
  • Unlimited Programmability
  • Westminster Clock Striking
  • Call-to-Worship Swinging Bells
  • Pealing Festive Bells
  • Tolling Funeral Bell
  • Automatic Volume Setting
  • FM Wireless Remote Control
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Automatic Switching to/from Daylight Savings Time
  • Five Year Golden Warranty


Chime Master carillons are controlled by a specially designed software program that permits the church to play what it wants, when it wants. For example there is no need to tell when it is time to play Advent, Christmas, Lenten or Easter hymns; it comes with that knowledge already built into the system.

We also have real bells and automatic, remote controls for real bells.

Contact us at or telephone toll free at (800) 898-4096 for a complete, no obligation demonstration of the Chime Master Carillon System. For additional information please visit and


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